Our Products

Flex PCB

Flexible PCB can be bent and configured in just about any shape or thickness; creating tremendous options when designing an electronics package.

Rigid-Flex PCB

The ultimate electronic packaging solution that provides you with high-density circuit routing in a foldable format that is very reliable in challenging environments

Rigid PCB

PCB is the core component of electronic products, and production is standardized, automated, and ensures product quality consistency.


PCBA can provide a very effective chip carrier for miniaturized chip packaging of electronic components, simplifying product installation and improving reliability.

Our Company

JS devotes to technology innovation and to be an outstanding world-class one-stop solution provider.

Founded in 2002 and sales headquartered in Singapore, three manufacturing campuses were built in Taiwan and Malasia and ROC. Besides, there are two subsidiaries in HK and USA. That is to say, JS shaped the international network of marketing and technique. JS has cooperated with 500+ high-tech R&D, manufacturing, and service enterprises in fields of Telcom, Medical electronics, Industrial control, Military Aerospace, Consumer electronics, Vehicle industry etc., in more than 20 countries and regions throughout the world with the good quality service.

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Our Advantage

One stop solution

We can provide One stop solution for your products from design , manufacturing,components sourcing, assembly ,testing .

Quick Response

Excellent service and quick response for all customers needs. including RFQ, Engineering questions and after sales questions.

22 Years Rich Experience

We have the professional engineer teams and mature manufacturing System. Can provide you a perfect PCB manufacturing solution.

Quickest Lead Time

We have a consistent on-time shipping record and we are now shipping many of our orders early.

Strict Quality Control

With Advanced production equipments and Strictly follow IPC‐6016 Class II and Class III standard based on customers’requirements. With the strategy of Persuit of zero defect. All this make us with excellent high quality.

Flexible order requirements

We are flexible and can accept low and medium-sized, mass production batches.

Our Application

One stop solution FPC and PCB manufacturer

One stop solution FPC and PCB manufacturer

  • Medical

  • Vehicle

  • Industrial

  • Consumer electronics

  • Telcom

  • Aerospce/Security

Market Allocation